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For 25 years, UVBioTek has been a leader in the science and use of light therapy.  Working closely with the medical and aesthetic community and seeing first-hand a need in the market for a line of restorative, LED products that address a modern need for ALT-pharma, UVBioTek created a collection of best-in-class systems for the industry.

Today, UVBioTek continues that tradition of innovation with the introduction of the POLY Pro and POLY Go LED photo-rejuvenation line.  As more and more people seek products that are both highly effective and promote overall health and wellness, LED light therapy has emerged as an effective option that balances, preserves and enhances skin vitality.   Consumers are always searching for therapeutic treatments that are pain-free and deliver real results. POLY is the solution that provides a groundbreaking, non-invasive approach to beauty and wellness.

At the core of UVBioTek’s research and development philosophy is their commitment to innovation. POLY, derived from the word ‘many’, treats many concerns for many people. Combining cutting edge design, function and technology, POLY utilizes the latest advances in light therapy to enrich the whole body from the inside out.

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OTC Clearance of POLY Pro Clear System

HUDSON FALLS, NY- UVBioTek, LLC is pleased to announce OTC (over the counter) designation of the POLY PRO™ Clear LED Light Therapy by the FDA (US Food and Drug Administration) for the treatment of mild-to-moderate acne. POLY PRO™ Clear utilizes a combination of blue...

This is your skin on hormones

This is your skin on hormones

Generally, we get more pimples as teenagers. Is this because of all of the hormones in your body? What about if your skin is dry? Can hormones cause that, too? Let's find out! Not surprisingly, hormones affect males and females differently. Testosterone is the chief...

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