How Does Red Light Set Back The Clock?

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The Science Of Red Light


Red light at 633nm is able to reach the middle layer of the skin cell, also known as the dermis.

Once the dermis has been reached, the mitochondria are stimulated, this part of the cell gives it its energy.

The mitochondria exists inside of the fibroblasts.

Once mitochondria has been activated by the red light, it will then tell the fibroblasts in the skin to produce more collagen to firm, tighten, and overall improve the appearance of the treated area.

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What Can POLY Rejuv Do?


Treatment Options

  • Stand alone skin rejuvenation
  • Pain management
  • Post-surgical recovery boosting
  • Compliments a variety of aesthetic treatments including: peels, facials, microdermabrasion, microneedling, and many others.

Benefits of POLY

  • Drug-free, pain free
  • Labor-free, easy to operate and maintain
  • Integrates with most aesthetic treatments and products
  • Quick and rewards results
  • Incredible ROI

POLY Rejuv Specifications


Wavelength (nm)


LED Count

Coverage Area (cm2)

Weight (lbs)

Treatment Time (minutes)

Using POLY


What People Are Saying About POLY


Bringing POLY into my skincare center has been wonderful. All of my clients are intrigued when they see it, which sparks great conversation and then books appointments. The results from our POLY sessions have been excellent and so has the ROI.

Kate Cross

Owner, Bloom Earthly Beauty

I enjoyed the POLY experience, both for the visible effects on my skin and the relaxation. I found my skin to be clearer and more even, with a definite reduction in fine lines. Also, by scheduling appointments to receive the treatment, it forced me to take some much needed ‘me time’ in an incredibly relaxing environment.

Kasey Weidman


I am very pleased with my results. I found that my crows feet and frown lines around my mouth have lessened. My acne scarring has lightened and my forehead lines have softened. It was a pleasant, relaxing process and I would recommend it to others looking to refresh their look.



The POLY therapy was extremely relaxing and a great stress reliever. The best part was that after the first couple of treatments I could notice a difference and as I continued going to the sessions my skin looked even better! The lines between my eyebrows almost completely disappeared and the skin on my face, under the eyes and neck looked so much more refined. I have always been plauged by laugh lines and crows feet and now I can honestly say that I feel more confident with how I look. The red light therapy most definitely has made a big difference to me and I would definitely recommend it to anyone that wants to improve their appearance and confidence.



I have done about nine POLY sessions for my skin. I am amazed at the results! I look younger and my face simply glows! My fine lines and wrinkles have diminished and age spots have lightened. I would highly recommend this treatment! It’s also very relaxing.



I find the POLY sessions very comfortable and relaxing! I’ve noticed my forehead lines and under eye puffiness have decreased! The skin on my face has a more youthful glow, too! I would highly recommend this service!



I have been getting treatments using the POLY at Mary Martin & Co Spa in Saratoga as well as using the POLY handheld at home. I am amazed by the changes in my complexion, skin tone and overall tightness of my face. I love that there is not downtime, unlike a tradition chemical treatment. My skin is glowing right after treatment and I love the effectiveness and ease of use with the POLY GO for times when I cant make it to the spa. I highly recommend!


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MedTekLED is a subsidiary of UVBioTek, LLC. The POLY Light Therapy System is FDA cleared for Acne using Blue LEDs at 415nm and Red LEDs at 633nm in combination, and FDA cleared for Acne using Blue LEDs at 415nm alone, these modalities make up the POLY Clear system. Both POLY Rejuv and POLY Regen are approved for sale under the General Wellness Provision put forth by FDA in 2016. POLY Rejuv is the use of Red LEDs at 633nm alone, and POLY Regen is the use of Red LEDs at 633nm and Infrared LEDs at 850nm in combination. The POLY system chassis, motherboard, circuitboard, and display have all passed electrical safety standards as required by the FDA.